Windows & Energy Efficiency

JANUARY 22ND, 2019

Today I would like to inform customers about windows. Windows are the most important component of energy efficiency that is in any home or business. Windows keep heat in and the cold out - or they are supposed to. Some common problems that homeowners and business owners don't know is they have to be installed properly, insulated correctly, caulked correctly, and preventative maintenance on your windows. This is why it is essential you work with a experienced home remodeling contractor.

Here are some things to look for to determine if your windows need to be replaced, or if they were replaced, if they were replaced properly. If you have windows that are within 10 years old, look inside the window return and outside, and check your windows for caulk that has failed. Failing caulk can cause you to lose 50% of your home's heat and A/C. You don't want to throw money out the window - literally. Check to see if the caulk is separated from your drywall in the house, and outside check to see if the caulk has separated from your siding or brick. If it has separated the caulk will need to be cut out and re caulked, outside TNT Painting & Remodeling uses a silicone to prevent water intrusion, and on the inside we use a 50 yr elastomeric siliconized caulking that will accept paint.

If you are getting your windows replaced keep an eye on how the contractor is installing them if you can, and hopefully its TNT Painting & Remodeling installing them, but if its any other contractor make sure they are absolutely not using spray foam insulation around your window as most expandable insulation foams will damage your window by pushing against the edges of the window making it very hard to impossible to open the window. Good contractors like TNT Painting & remodeling use regular insulation to go around your window. Another thing to look for is whether it has been caulked properly. The way you can tell is if it looks like the caulk on the outside was applied against the window and there is start and stop marks where there is a bigger glob that is not uniform. The correct way to caulk a window inside and out is to cut the tip of the caulk tube about 3/16" don from the tip at a 45-degree angle. Once the caulk is applied run you finger down the fresh caulk to seal it to both the window and the exterior surface.

Many companies are experts at installing windows but not experts at caulking and within 1 year you wonder why you spent a fortune on windows and it didn't make any difference on your electric or gas bill. Check the caulk inside and out. Or call us at TNT Painting & remodeling LLC to come out and we will use a inferred thermometer to see if there is any temperature change at the corners of your windows. If you have any questions about you windows or want to replace your windows please do yourself a favor and call the experts in all aspects of window installation at TNT Painting & Remodeling LLC , We service all of Lincoln county, St Charles county, and St louis county, (636) 728-9631 or email us at